Boston Dynamics now sells SPOT ‘dog’ to the public

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Spot Launch

Boston Dynamics, easily the world’s leading robotics company, is selling a robot to the public for the first time in its 28-year history. The company’s robotic quadruped, “Spot,” is now for sale on, where you can take home your very own robotic dog for a cool $74,500. (right now, for US customers only)

If you can’t tell from the price, Spot is an industrial robot for industrial applications. Boston Dynamics’ site calls Spot “a stable, dynamically balanced quadruped robot that can navigate through unstructured, unknown, or antagonistic terrain with ease.” Spot is a platform, Boston Dynamics handles the locomotion, and it’s your job to develop programs and attach extra equipment to make Spot useful. Out of the box, the robot is basically a highly mobile camera that can go up steps, tromp through the mud, and generally handle terrain better than nearly any other robot on Earth.

Whats Included?

  • Spot robot
  • x2 Spot batteries
  • Spot charger
  • Tablet controller and charger
  • Robot case for storage and transportation
  • Power case for battery and charger storage and transportation
  • Calibration panel
  • Python client packages for the Spot API’s
  • Software updates when available
  • Standard warranty
  • Free shipping (limited time only)

What is Spot? Why would I want a legged robot?

Spot is a stable, dynamically balanced quadruped robot that can navigate tough unstructured, unknown, or antagonistic terrain with ease. Wheeled and tracked robots are limited by stairs, gaps, ground-level obstructions such as cabling and staged materials, and minor height differences in flooring. Drones work well for exterior site and facade monitoring but struggle when it comes to constrained environments, battery life, payload, and path repeatability. Human-like mobility allows Spot to navigate these environments easily without the same constraints faced by drones.

 What are customers doing with Spot?

Early customers around the world are developing applications for Spot in construction, electric utility, public safety, healthcare, mining, and entertainment. By integrating Spot with software and sensors, customers are using the robot to document construction progress, monitor remote environments inside of mines or on off-shore oil rigs, add situational awareness in hazardous areas like decommissioned nuclear sites, and perform on-stage and in theme parks.

Where is Boston Dynamics’ Headquarters? Where are its robots assembled?

Boston Dynamics is based in Waltham, MA. Our products, including Spot, are designed and made in the United States.

Can Spot ship internationally? Can I export Spot outside of the US?

Spot is currently only available for purchase inside the U.S. and cannot be exported to other countries. If you are outside of the U.S. and interested in acquiring Spot, please contact their sales team for leasing options.

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